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  1. Landsat assessment of variable spectral recovery linked to post-fire forest structure in dry sub-boreal forests
    Smith-Tripp, Sarah M., Coops, Nicholas C., Mulverhill, Christopher, White, Joanne C., and Axelson, Jodi
    ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Feb 2024
  2. Evaluating global vegetation products for application in heterogeneous forest-savanna landscapes
    Pletcher, Elise,  Smith-Tripp, Sarah, Evans, Damian, and Schwartz, Naomi B.
    International Journal of Remote Sensing Jan 2024


  1. Combining forest structure measurements with satellite spectral observations for forest recovery monitoring in burned environments of British Columbia, Canada
    Smith-Tripp, Sarah, Coops, Nicholas, and White, Joanne
    Jan 2022
  2. Canopy height impacts on the growing season and monthly microclimate in a burned forest of British Columbia, Canada
    Smith-Tripp, Sarah M., Eskelson, Bianca N. I., Coops, Nicholas C., and Schwartz, Naomi B.
    Agricultural and Forest Meteorology Aug 2022


  1. Impacts of a regional multiyear insect defoliation event on growing-season runoff ratios and instantaneous streamflow characteristics
    Smith-Tripp, Sarah, Griffith, Alden, Pasquarella, Valerie J., and Matthes, Jaclyn Hatala
    Ecohydrology Aug 2021
  2. Global maps of soil temperature
    Lembrechts, J. J, Hoogen, J., Lenoir, J., Smith-Tripp, S., and others.,
    Global Change Biology Dec 2021


  1. 2020-22 Remote sensing as a tool for efficient forest health and landscape monitoring in Metro Vancouver’s water supply areas.
    Smith-Tripp, Sarah
    Dec 2020