Sarah Smith-Tripp

PhD Student in Integrated Remote Sensing Studio.


I am an interdiscplinary ecosystem scientist researching forest succession after disturbances like fire and harvest. I specialize in remote-sensing techniques to quantify forest canopy structure using lidar (light detection and ranging), DAP (digital aerial photogrammetry) and various satellite monitoring tehcnologies. My aim is to provide forest managers with accessible and accurate tools to characterize post-disturbance forest composition in hazardous and remote locations.

I am interested in collaborations that facilitate global monitoring of forest structure, microclimate dynamics, and ecohydrological processes. I am proficient in R coding, compiling diverse datasources, and approaches of various statistical analyses.

selected publications

  1. Canopy height impacts on the growing season and monthly microclimate in a burned forest of British Columbia, Canada
    Smith-Tripp, Sarah M., Eskelson, Bianca N. I., Coops, Nicholas C., and Schwartz, Naomi B.
    Agricultural and Forest Meteorology Aug 2022